The Full Scale testing method prevents inferior lures from sale in our catalogue.
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While Field Testing, the encounters with big fish put our lures under all sorts of pressure.
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Here at Full Scale Lures we strive to build the toughest wooden lures on the planet, bar none!

I first came into contact with these iconic poppers a number of years ago and used them extensively fishing the wild Montebello Islands and found them to be a fantastic GT lure so when the opportunity arose to take over the business my wife and I,  jumped at the chance to keep this iconic brand alive well into the future.

Since then we have worked on improving manufacturing consistency and of course the lures finish. The latest incarnation of the Full Scale “Kong” has been tested in some of the toughest GT locations in the world today, including Southern Oman and Bali’s Batu Abah and they passed with flying colours.

Each lure retains the original design that not only creates an excellent fish attracting action but holds the popper even in the rough conditions that GT’s seem to feed most aggressively in. 

The manufacturing process has been modernised with the use of CNC machines to cut the timber blanks (timber has been retained as the best substrate for the construction of poppers and stick baits) which ensure consistency in the build. The timber blanks are then soaked in a two part polyurethane sealer to prevent water ingress which often affects timber lures once the paint is compromised. Each lure is then painstakingly hand painted using automotive paints before it is coated in a super tough epoxy clear coat that not only looks brilliant but protects the finish, fish after fish.  The lures have retained the resilient NT brand swivels on the belly and now utilises stainless steel 316 through wire with the trademark Full Scale double wrapped tail twist for extra security.


We are continuing to develop new lures to fill some existing gaps in our Kong popper line up and we are also re introducing pencils and have new stick bait line under development.


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Kyle and Jasmine




Footage from Kiribati (Christmas Island).