About Us

®Full Scale Lures - the entire range - every individual lure, is built to a standard not a price point. This is the fundamental thought behind everything that Full Scale Lures stands for. It extends from the design right through to the sale, and in performance when fishing.

The standards set by us start with a comprehensive 12 month process, crafting and refining each design. Fine tuning weight distribution for aerodynamics in the cast, and fish attracting performance on water.

The next step in the process is extensive field testing with experienced GT Popper fishermen in known big fish waters like Kiribati and Jewel Reef. This is vital to gain the anglers impressions, especially when conditions are less than ideal, and when the fish are being uncharacteristically fussy. Each lure is re-examined against its individual capture record and notes on performance on the water. **If further adjustments are deemed necessary, the lure design has to undergo further field testing before it is released for sale - otherwise it falls short of the standard.

Order Information

Full Scale's commitment to Popper Fishing is in every lure that has reached the standard for sale. Our pride goes into every cast you make, as we understand that total commitment to quality is the only sure way to land that 'bloody big' fish.

Accordingly, our ordering system is very different to the mass produced lure market. We believe that the Full Scale Order System as it stands ensures that you receive quality product. This is how it functions:

  • Step 1 - Please place your order on the contact us page.
  • Step 2 - Send Order.
  • Step 3 - An email will be sent asking for confirmation of your order and the price. In the event we are currently out of stock of selection, we will give you a date for completion of the next batch or an alternative.
  • Payments will be processed once the order is filled and prior to delivery. If you would prefer not to pay online, please contact us to arrange an alternative.